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Grigory (Grig) Skomorovski is a TV, show and stage director working in the field of television, live show, music theatre and performances. Till 2016, Grig had based in Moscow (Russia) where worked with TV broadcasters, production studios, music labels and theatres.


Industry experienceAs a TV/show director Grig has credits in many TV productions and live shows: music shows and ceremonies, talent shows, evening shows, repair shows, commercials.  Channels: NTV, TVC, Channel One, Russia-1, TNT, RenTV, MusicBox, AOne (chief TV director in the 2005-2006), Channel Five, MUZ-TV, Inter (Ukraine), MTV-Russia.


Also Grig works for music theatre, he directed some production in the genre of crossover and classical music, including opera.

Teaching experience. From 2011 till 2016 Grig had been teaching at the School of

Television (Faculty) of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (instructor, supervisor of the courseworks and Bachelor's theses, author of curriculums). In 2016, Grig has relocated to Vienna (Austria) where works as a media consultant and instructor at the IKMH Academy. 

Awards. Grig has credits in award-winning productions, including "Scarlet Sails 2016" TV show (Channel Five, TEFI national TV award). Some Grig's projects was also nominated for television awards in Russia.


Membership in professional societiesGrig is a member (academician) of the Academy of Russian Music, a jury member of the Russian National Music Award.


Present time, Grig based in Austria and Poland.



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